International Selfie Day – Media News

Selfie Day.
Time to level up!!
Time to celebrate it on an international level as well.

As you know, 21st of June (starting from 2014) is observed as
National Selfie Day []
So from now (starting 2019) the next day brings to the world
International Selfie Day []
And does so annually. On 22nd of June.

Two days in a row?
Well, it’s never too much to celebrate. (Especially while having
an International observation day dedicated to selfies!!)

The day is founded by SelfieElate: the project specialised for so-called selfie generation.
With its freemium (free & premium) mobile app for its glocal (global & local) use the team
strives to bring into the world special space and perfect place for
selfie enthusiasts, fans, brands, and influencers.

Because – it is never too late to elate with a selfie.
So take them, share them, enjoy them.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Elate With Your Selfie,
The team at SelfieElate

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